ITEI Scoring Methodolgy

The ITEI is designed to assess an organization’s IT management practices using a framework based on elements of ITIL. To perform the assessment, the ITEI asks respondents to assess their organization across 11-12 key areas/objectives, depending upon whether their company is subject to government regulations. For each objective, a respondent may choose one of the following degrees of compliance:

  • Fully compliant – the standard objective has been fully implemented at the organization. Results in a score = 4 for the objective
  • Partially compliant – the standard has been partially implemented at the organization. Results in a score = 3 for the objective
  • Planned – the organization has definite plans to implement the objective. Results in a score of either 2 or 1 for the objective
  • Not compliant or planned – the objective has not been implemented and there are no plans to implement. Results in a score of either 1 or 0 for the objective

The scores from each question are totaled to provide an index score for the organization. A standard “university style” grading system will be applied to the scores. The overall survey score will be based on an average for all questions answered. Company scoring will be as follows:

  • A = 4.0 < x ≤ 3.7
  • B = 3.7 < x ≤ 3.0
  • C = 3.0 < x ≤ 2.0
  • D = 2.0 < x ≤ 1.0
  • F = less than 1.0